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Back to Work Deep cleaning

Many workplaces have been closed for several weeks now, as many companies began initiating working from home policies even before the official lockdown had been announced. Concerns of the lasting impact of the viral transmittal on businesses and the wider economy are rife and more and more companies are eager to return to work. It makes sense then, to begin planning for a return to work, as soon as is physically safe and possible. This will of course vary from industry to industry, depending on the nature of the works carried out. A critical step in the planning process for most workplaces will be the implementation of additional cleaning measures to ensure that the workplace is clean, safe and hygienic for its returning staff. It is important however that premises are not only given an initial thorough Deep clean, aka a ‘Back to work clean’, but that practices are in place to ensure regular maintenance is achieved.  

We offer the following options:  

1. Disinfection of all visible and accessible areas with fogging machine – this is the quickest solution and the  cheapest and gives a fast turnaround meaning staff can return to work quicker. However, it is not as thorough as a deep clean. This is particularly recommended for large workplace premises.

2. A manual deep clean of all areas from top to bottom including disinfecting touch points by hand – this is the most thorough method but is also the most time consuming and is not always practical for large areas. 

3. A combination of the above 2 methods – fogging of all visible areas with the fogging machine and then focusing on disinfecting touch points by hand – this is the method that we would recommend for most workplace premises as it is quick and practical.

4. Fogging of all areas combined with a thorough manual deep clean and further disinfecting of the entire premises by hand – this is the golden choice but is inevitably the most time consuming and thus the most expensive of these options.